Historical performance as of June 30th, 2022

YEAR 2018 (inception 06/2018) + 7,65 %
YEAR 2019

+ 5,61 %

YEAR 2020

+ 11,58 %

YEAR 2021 

+ 22,65 %

YEAR 2022

- 46,38 %


- 16,57 %

ANNUALIZED (p.a.) - 4,34 % 


Value of priority shares of the sub-fund Alfa

TO DATE June 30th, 2022




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Statute of the sub-fund Alfa (CZ)
Key information document

Important information

The value of the investment in the Sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments may increase or decrease and the payback of the invested principal or the return on the investment are not secured or otherwise guaranteed. The performance of the Sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments in the previous periods does not guarantee the same or higher performance in the future. The investment shares of the Sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments may be acquired only by a qualified investor in the sense of § 272 Act No. 240/2013 Coll. (a person who has made a declaration that he/she is aware of the risks associated with investing in Sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments, and whose initial investment in the sub-fund is at least (i) EUR 125.000 or (ii) CZK 1.000.000 provided that such an investment is suitable for such a person). The suitability of investment is determined on the basis of the investment questionnaire that the investor is required to fill up. Any information on this website is only for informative purposes and it does not constitute an investment recommendation or advice, it does not constitute an offer to enter into a contractual agreement or a public offering. Investors should consider the investment strategy and the specific risks that might be implied by the investment objectives of the Sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments as they are described in its statute or in other documents concerning Sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments. The investment objectives are reflected in the recommended investment horizon as well as in the fees and costs of the Sub-fund 4 Gimel Investments. Detailed information can be found in the statute and in the Key Information Document (KID), which the investors who are considering subscribing to the investment shares should study carefully in advance in order to become familiar with the risks coming from subscribing to the investment shares. The statute of the Sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments and the Key Information Document (KID) are available either (i) in the company’s headquarters or (ii) on the website www.4gimel.cz. Information on processing of personal information is available on the website https://www.avantfunds.czFurther information regarding FATCA is available on the website https://www.avantfunds.cz/en/dulezite-informace/. Offering of securities issued by the fund 4 Gimel Investments SICAV, a.s. to the sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments is permitted only in the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic. The issuer has not initiated any legally binding steps that constitute an offering of the securities issued according to the issuance conditions outside of the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic. Offering of the securities based on the statute of the sub-fund Alfa 4 Gimel Investments in some third countries can fall under restrictions or be entirely forbidden.