4 Gimel Investments SICAV, a.s. is an investment fund with variable capital that is permitted to establish sub-funds with diverse investment objectives. This website is dedicated to the sub-fund Alfa. Sub-fund Alfa is purely equity fund investing primarily on US stock exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ. The investment objective of the sub-fund Alfa is to grow capital under all economic conditions while achieving an above-average return. The sub-fund’s Statute is approved by the Czech National Bank.

Sub-fund Alfa is administered by the investment company AVANT. AVANT is a leading investment management company in the Czech Republic focused on qualifying investor funds. AVANT’s assets under management in qualifying investor funds are CZK 31 billion. AVANT has a long track record and is a member of the Czech Capital Market Association (AKAT).

Depositary of the sub-fund Alfa is Československá obchodní banka, a.s. (ČSOB) that falls under the supervision of the Czech National Bank and is one of the four banks in the Czech Republic that are licensed to act as a funds’ depositary. Sub-fund Alfa has its financial instruments accounts only with ČSOB, which is allowed to release capital only in accordance with the sub-fund Alfa’s Statute. ČSOB also oversees the implementation of the sub-fund’s investment strategy and conducts settlement of trades for sub-fund Alfa. All securities purchased by sub-fund Alfa are deposited with ČSOB. As the sub-fund’s depositary, ČSOB controls whether the purchase, sale and valuation of the securities by the sub-fund is in accordance with legislation. ČSOB also controls how the sub-fund meets legal and statutory investment limits. Purchase and sale of investment securities for the sub-fund Alfa is conducted by J&T Bank, which also conducts repo operations for the sub-fund as well as lends the sub-fund securities and actively communicates with the sub-fund’s depositary ČSOB.


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